How can you involve artists and arts and cultural organisations?

The emphasis of the Model UN is on the theatre of politics – tackling the issues by researching and delivering arguments in role, creating scenarios and using specialised language.

Theatre practitioners can be very helpful in encouraging young people and adults to feel confident in adopting the role of a UN delegate, and in particular, in creating contexts within which they can practise arguing a point of view which is not their own. They can help transform those involved into UN advisers, members of the press corps, secretariat etc.

Other artists and arts and cultural organisations can also work with young people to explore complex global issues imaginatively.

The process of the Model UN uses a whole range of what we consider to be creative skills including: taking innovative approaches to learning; using imagination; building on the ideas of others; seeing from different perspectives and alternative views; thinking on your feet, thinking independently; challenging conventions and assumptions; putting forward constructive comments, ideas, explanations and ways of doing things.

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